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MCDA & Star Spirit Conference Sponsorships 2022-2023

Please note sponsorships only apply to competitions and conferences selected by Hosting EPs

Bronze Sponsor $700.00 ONLY

-Website feature with Logo on MCDA/Star Spirit

-Handout to 3 Star Spirit/MCDA competition

coaches bags:  around 100-200 coaches per event


-Logo featured on conference schedule  


- PRIME single Booth and 10-15 speaking spot at Summer coaches Conference 2022

-Advertising on 5 Competition schedules during 2021-2022 season 

-Website feature with Logo on all websites


-multiple short message ads from MC at all Star Spirit events 

-PRIME Single Booth at 1 Star Spirit/MCDA events (2 chairs & 1 tables selected by EPs

-Handouts to 5 MCDA/Star Spirit competition coaches bags roughly 100-200 coaches 

-Social Media shout outs or ads once a month leading up to conference 

-PRIME single Booth at Summer coaches conference and 15 minute speaking spot

Silver Sponsor $1250.00

Gold Sponsors $2,000.00

-Logo on all Star Spirit/MCDA Flyers and emails blasts for Conferences 

-Advertising sign made with logo at conferences 

-Advertising on all Star Spirit/MCDA event schedules

-Website feature with Logo on all EPs Sites

-multiple short message ads from MC at select Star Spirit/MCDA  events 

-Double Booth 3 Star Spirit/MCDA events 2-4 tables

-FIRST PICK SPOTS double booth at summer conference 4 tables with 15-30 minute class/speaking option

-Handouts to all competitions coaches bags

-Social Media shout outs or ads year round

-Single Booth at both coaches conferences


-Logo on conference material 

-Special shout out during mixer hour

Vendor Only $450

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