PO Box 50 | Bethalto, IL 62010

MCDA Cheer and Dance Championships

Show Me St. Louis All Gym Show Case/Program Fundraiser 2019

Date 11/02/2019
Location Center St. Louis St. Louis MO
6727 Langley Ave
St. Louis, MO

Athletes $10.00

Adult Spectators $ 15.00
Children 5-10 $10.00
Under 5 free

Everyone will pay as they enter.  This includes athletes, coaches, and spectators.
Gyms using this as a fundraiser will be issued tickets prior to event to pre-sell.

Gyms will be blocked together for their Gym Show Off…This is NOT a competition.

This is your opportunity to show your parents your progress, a practice run before your 1st competition, a chance to promote your clinics and privates, pro shop sale for gear, and get your parents involved in your upcoming fundraisers.

There will be a small break between each gym.

Judges Critiques if requested.


Event T-Shirts
Full Spring Floor Yes
Schedule Will be e-mailed Prior to the event
Time Line Doors 8:00am
Warm-ups 9:00am
Pictures and Videotaping Allowed
Host Hotel

MCDA Reservations


All athletes will receive a participation gift