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MCDA Cheer and Dance Championships

Online Registration

MCDA Registration

Please complete the form below to register your team(s) for an upcoming event.

Please register for event as soon as you know you are attending. This will get you on the mailing list for the event. Invoice will be sent but is not due until 1 week prior to the event.

Teams that do not register early MISS out on lots of details we send out prior to the event. You can make changes at no additional cost until 1 week prior to event.

  • General

  • If you know your are attending please register on-line. An invoice will be sent. Payment due 2 weeks prior to event.
  • ALL Spectators must have an MCDA Ticket to enter theme park events. This is a special event ticket. Discount tickets purchased from other places will not be valid for admission. MCDA tickets can be purchased on-line using the MCDA promo code provided to the coaches or the day of the event. You may also place a team order and it will be added to your invoice. You can do this at a later date if you do not know how many spectator tickets you will need. Theme park events only.
  • 2 coaches FREE per program (not team) all other coaches will need a spectator ticket for theme park events Please add additional coaches to spectator ticket count. *** Sea World and Carowinds ALL coaches need to purchase a ticket
    A 2.5% credit card transaction fee will be applied to your invoice if paying by Credit card.
  • Team Registration

    Please enter Team info as you would like it to appear on Schedule.
  • Team NameCheer Level / Dance StyleDivisionClassNumber of Athletes Including CrossoversTotal # of CrossoversNotes 
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    Crossovers are team members crossing over from 1 team routine to compete in an additional team routine.
  • Individual Name or Team Name for Stunt Groups# of Athletes in individual routineTYPE of IndividualDivisionClassIs this individual on a team competing at the event?Notes 
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    Please enter Team Name and Individual names as you would like it to appear on schedule. Do not include individual routines in crossover counts. These are added to your invoice as Individuals NOT crossovers.
  • This is the amount of tickets/athlete passes you will receive at check-in.
  • This is total # stepping on mats for all team routines.
  • Payment Method

  • All invoices will be e-mailed
    Payments can be made through the Quickbooks Link on your invoice using a credit card or check.

    Postal Mail
    P.O. Box 50
    Bethalto, IL 62010

    or call 618-530-7948 or 618-670-6057
  • Please make sure counts are correct. Your tickets/awards will be incorrect if athlete counts and crossovers are incorrect.