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Falling in Love

I know that this subheading is completely different from the rest – hear me out! Being an English major has allowed me to fall in love with so many different things. These are events that you will want to be sure that you have money in your savings account to handle.There are numerous reasons why support for all-male schools has been decreasing: lack of funding, students are looking for a more diverse experience and the increase in online business degrees as a viable option.

Budgeting while in college will take a plan and dedication and you will have to be diligent about your finances. If you are capable of saving money wisely, you will definitely be successful while you are in college. Because I’ve learned how to appreciate words, I’ve been able to translate that into other things, including people, places, ideas, moments in which you feel the happiest, and finding meaning in life. What actually attracts many young men to this kind of institution when most would prefer the benefits of a co-ed experience?

This doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to fall in love while majoring in other things. By all means, if your heart is telling you to immerse yourself in something else, go for it. Nowadays, you have the opportunity to shop for your textbooks online. You can buy them everywhere from Barnes and Noble to Ebay! I highly recommend that you take advantage of this option if you are not doing so already. Over the course of several years, you are bound to save thousands of dollars on books alone. Now that is a sweet deal! Don’t let this little article change your mind. But while you’re in college, your main goal is to learn and prepare yourself for the real world. Once you’ve known how to fall in love with things, you’ll be able to appreciate them that much more.

Robbie 2About the Author: Robbie Williford is a senior at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. He’s majoring in English and minoring in Creative Writing. He’s also a writer for HackCollege and does a ton of work on the side for other college help sites, plus he is always looking for more assignment help usa opportunities to get involved and write for other publications. Some of his favorite things include the ever-expanding pile of books he has next to his desk since he couldn’t find anywhere else to put them, spoken word and slam poetry, working out, and being involved on campus.

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