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How to manage exam stress?

Learn and practice relaxation techniques:

Tensions leads to mental unrest and abnormal mental activity of the mind; it produces worry, care, fear and anxiety. Relaxation is therefore an absolute necessity in order to allow the mental faculties to exercise the greatest freedom. Here are some techniques useful for relaxation:

Meditation and breathing exercises have been proven to be very effective in controlling stress. By deep breathing, we inhale more oxygen which helps to burn the glucose and release more energy.


Walking is best physical exercise which helps in reducing physical tension and releases natural feed good brain chemicals. By moving your body, you are increasing the blood flow to your brain and melting away stress from your mind and body.

Get out in nature and enjoy fresh air. Being with nature is a simple and effective way of decreasing stress and increasing your focus which will help you when you return to the books.

As soon as you notice your mind is losing concentration. Take a 10 to 15 minutes break to get refreshed.

Preparation for examination day:

Lack of rest just aggravates stress. Get a good night’s sleep before exam day. Avoid becoming all-nighter to safe from fatigue due to stress.

According to students should take balanced sleep and diet before one’s examination day.

Make sure you get reach examination centre well in advance of the exam time.

If possible, do a test trip to the examination centre. Work out how long it will take to get there – then add on some extra time.

Check your admit card, basic requirements for examination before move to exam center.

How to avoid last minute nervousness:

It’s natural to feel some nervousness prior to the examination, but according to engineering help experts getting excessively nervous is counterproductive as you will not be able to think clearly. In case of panic situation:

Close your eyes and take several long, slow deep breaths. Breathing in this way, clams your whole nervous system. Simultaneously you could give yourself some mental pep-talk by mentally repeating “I am calm and relaxed” or “I know I will do fine”.

If, it is harder to recall information, focus on slow, deep breathing for about one minute. If you still can’t remember the information, then move on to another question and return to this question later.

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