• MCDA follows the industry standard safety rules and guidelines.

  • All MCDA events are open to school, rec, and all-star teams.

  • School teams compete in school divisions.  Follow the National High School rules and your states spirit rules.

  • Rec Teams compete in Rec Division.  Rec division still follows all of the industry standard safety rules and guidelines. Levels 1-5

  • School Divisions —- level 1 and 2 = Beginner…..level 3 = Intermediate Level 4 and 5 Advanced


Frequently asked questions

What happens in the event of bad weather?


MCDA events are rain or shine. We cannot control the weather!

In the event we have bad weather and your team chooses not to compete you WILL receive a FULL refund of your competition fees. (Park tickets are non-refundable but may be used at a later date. No Exceptions)

If your team chooses to compete you will NOT receive a refund. The choice is yours. Refunds are mailed Monday after the event.

We will not hold the event outdoors if it jeopardizes the safety of the athletes however weather changes constantly. We will not make a decision to move or cancel an event until the Wednesday night PRIOR to the event.

Please make your parents aware of our bad weather policies. Please ask your parents NOT to call us a week prior to the event because it may rain.


  • Most outdoor events have a back-up venue.

  • The back-up venue is released to the coaches the Thursday prior the event.

  • Based on the weather conditions it is possible there might be a rain delay. Mats are tarped and kept dry. Just like a baseball game.

  • We try to keep all of the events in the parks.

  • Most back-up venues are within 30min of the park.

  • In some cases, Saturday events may be pushed to Sunday if it is clear the following day.

Parents Frequently Asked Questions

Parents Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get tickets?

A: You have several options:

1. Some coaches may choose to do team ticket orders. If they do, you will give money to and receive

tickets from your coaches.

2. Tickets may also be purchased on the day of the event at the registration table set up in the front of

the park. (NOTE: A $ 5.00 surcharge is added to ticket price if you buy them the day of the event.)

3. Select events will have online ticket options for parents to purchase tickets directly from the park using the MCDA Promo Code. Online ticketing options are available until a few days prior to the event. (NOTE: Your tickets must be MCDA tickets to enter the park for competition.)

**Park tickets are non-refundable but in the event of bad weather, parks may extend tickets to be used at a later date. No refunds will be given for tickets as purchasers agree to these terms when purchasing online. Additionally, tickets will not be valid for use into the “back up” venue. Additional charges will apply.

Q: What if I have a season pass? Can I use it to get in on event day?

A: MCDA Events are considered “Special Events”. Most season passes are not valid for “Special Events”. However, MCDA does offer a discounted ticket to be used in conjunction with your season pass allowing you to use it for admission into the park and into the competition. EACH PARK has a different Season Pass policy please check with your coaches for park specific information.

Q: How does my competing child get into the park? Do I have to buy a separate ticket for them?

A: Each competitor ticket is included in registration. When the Coach checks your team in during

registration, they will be given all of the tickets for competitors and all of the competitor gift cards.

Q: I have a toddler. Do I need to purchase a ticket for them?

A: Ticket requirements for young children are determined by the park rules. Example: If park rules state that children 3 and under are free, then MCDA follows the same policy. Please check park rules to determine if your child will need a ticket.

Q: Can I get a copy of the schedule?

A: Sorry, we only release schedules to the coaches 5-7 days prior to the event. Schedules will be

available to you at the registration table before you enter the park and also at the t-shirt stand located

inside the performance venue.

Q: Will there be merchandise available for sale at the event?

A: Yes! We have MCDA t-shirts, hoodies and more, available at every event. We also have an online store for your convenience to pre-order your event t-shirts.

Q: I have a coupon from the park. Can I use it to purchase your tickets?

A: No. Coupons are not accepted for special events

Q: What if there is bad weather?

A: Please read the BAD WEATHER POLICY on the forms and FAQS page

Q: Can we bring food/drinks into the park?

A: Outside food/drinks are not allowed into the park.

Coaches Frequently Asked Questions

Coaches Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are registration and payment due?

A: Registration and payment are due two (2) weeks prior to the event. LATE FEES MAY APPLY

Q: What forms of payment are acceptable?

A: We accept all major credit cards, cashier's checks, money orders, Venmo, Cash App and cash.


Q: When will I get a schedule?

A: Schedules will be sent out approximately 5-7 days prior to the event.

Q: Can I make changes to my registration?

A: Of course. We do ask however, that you submit your changes to us by the Monday prior to

the event so that schedule changes can be made if necessary. No changes will be made after that time. CHANGE FEES MAY APPLY

Q: What if I have an Individual who is NOT performing as part of a team?

A: You will pay the normal competitor rate for the first routine and $25.00 for each additional.

Q: Where can my parents find answers to questions regarding this event?

A: Information is available on our website. Just click on the link for the event you are scheduled to attend. There is a Parent FAQ page available as well.

Q: How do I check in my team for this event?

A: You may check in on the day of the event at our registration table set up at the front of the

park or venue. For select events we also offer an early check in option as well.

Q: Can Coaches help their team onto the floor?

A: Coaches are allowed to help line up kids for divisions where you feel it is needed. (Tiny, Mini

and CheerAbilities). Coaches are not allowed on the performance floor for any other teams,

with the exception of spotting routines.

Q: When do we get our score sheets?

A: Score sheets are inside of the envelope given to your teams during the awards ceremony.

Q: Can a cheerleader/dancer participate on more than one team?

A: Yes. As long as the athlete competes in the age and grade appropriate level. There is no limit

to the number of teams on which they can compete. The athlete must pay the full registration

fee for the first team and then pay the discounted crossover fee for each additional team with which they


Q: Can parents purchase their theme park tickets prior to event?

A: Yes, the coach/team MOM can place a team order. For select events Theme Parks will offer an online ticketing option with the MCDA Promo Code. Please note all tickets purchased online MUST be the MCDA ticket. Please direct your parents to the Parent FAQ Page for important information.

Q: Can a parent or Athlete use a season pass?

A: MCDA Events are considered “Special Events”. Most season passes are not valid for “Special Events”. However, MCDA does offer a discounted ticket to be used in conjunction with the season pass allowing spectators to use it for admission into the park and into the competition. EACH PARK has a different Season Pass policy. Season pass information will be available to you in the event details pages. All athletes’ tickets are included in their paid registration.

I won a Bid!

Garden Grand Finale Details Coming soon! Credits for the Open Championships Youth All Star Worlds

Virtual Events

Virtual Competition Details


Every Event has a Live or Virtual option.

Virtual Teams compete against Virtual Teams ONLY

All Virtual Events offer credits to The OPEN Championships.

All Virtual Events offer At Large Bids to Garden Grand Finale May 14th in Tampa, FL.


$45.00 Virtual Events includes event shirt or bow

$55.00 Premium Virtual Events which include High Point Champions and event shirt or bow.

Registration Due 3 weeks prior to event

T-shirts sizes due 2 weeks prior to event. If shirt orders are not received on time,

you will receive bows.

Additional Shirts/Bows can be purchased (coaches/family members) on our website.

** team t-shirt order form on forms/FAQs page.

Video Submission:

Videos Due the Thursday Prior to event. Please e-mail videos to

Please use Dropbox – Maildrop – YouTube link


Awards mailed Monday after event. These take 5-7 days to receive.

Awards video posted to social media MCDA Cheer and Dance Championships the Monday after event.

All Athletes receive participation gift.

Team Awards:

1st place teams:

Division champion banner and all members receive ribbons.

2nd-5th teams:

Placement banner and team members receive ribbons.

Individual Awards: All individuals receive trophies and placement ribbon.

Exhibition Teams: Banner and team members receive ribbons.

Premium Virtual Event High Point Champion Winners: High Point Champion Banner and all members receive High Point Champion Award (Rings/Jackets/Bows)


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